Voxters as your first NFT

junio 28, 2021

When Pablo contacted me for the new website, I didn’t know what was Voxters about. I have been talking a lot with him and now I realize the importance of this project. Voxters is one of those things that are made for the community with love and passion.

It’s a simple box with different faces, expressions and colours. There are tons of combinations but each one is unique: you can’t get a copy of the same Voxter that your friend has in his inventory.

The main difference between Voxters and other projects it’s that there are many of them. In fact, their market supply is around 248k which is a lot especially when you think of profitable ideas such as CryptoPunk. However, Voxters intention is not meant to make a profit from itself. In fact, it’s easy to get Voxters by participating in Decentraland events.

They’re a thing that we can all share but at the same time, we can’t. They’re accessible and everyone can own one of them (they won’t end easily).

Another thing I really like is the gaming ideas behind the project. Voxters are already integrated into videogames such as the pirate-fever and mana-fever game. There is no participation of our Voxters itself, but in the future, we could experience gaming with the creatures we own.

Thank you Pablo for giving me the opportunity to create this website and to know more about this proyect. If you need a website or videos for your DCL business, please visit: decentralfun.com

Tobik (@tobikcc)

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